Annoying Ways People use Sources

In this piece, Stedman goes over the basic things people do in their writings where they mess up citing their sources, introducing different sources and incorporating different sources into their works. Stedman compares it to a driver in the fast lane going ten under, either they do not understand the basic rule to move over for passing cars or they just dont care about the rules. This goes with how people mess up their sources, either they don’t get how to do it or they just don’t care. Stedman continues to make amazing comparisons and analogies to explain exactly what it is like to be a knowledgeable person like a writer professor or “picky friend” reading a paper that is cited and sourced just wrong. You are not suppose to just drop your quote in, you need to introduce your quote and let the reader know why you are outting it there and who if its coming from. Support the idea of the quote. this helps the reader glide through your paper rather than bump through it. he compares a bumpy slip n slide with a smooth water slide.

This paper will help me a lot with incorporating my sources into my project one. i was a little nervous about it. it will also help me revise project two and get my quotations right for my final e-portflio.

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