Chapter 7:

This chapter focussed on how to integrate sources and how to cite and document sources using two styles. It also shows you how to incorporate quotes paraphrases and summaries into your own work. When integrating sources you are using sources in your own composition to provide context for our ideas or evidence for our claims. Also citing source to source. There are parenthetical citations which is as followed “quote”(Autor last name, pg #). and there are signal phrase citing which is “this author says, “quote” (page #). quoting: backs up first sentence/ states specifics. Paraphrasing: puts ideas of source in own words. Summarizing: focuses on the point made. When quoting use exact words. use brackets to show any verb tense changes. or quotation marks and make sure you credit the author. you should also quote when the language is so striking that you can’t capture the idea the author is trying to make in your own words. Paul Pierre was a student researching nonviolent protests he explains why he used what type of citation on page374. you should When you Paraphrase you should capture the big picture of the original statement as well as the details. and also when you don’t want so many voices in your research paper. finally summarizing is for getting the whole idea down to its absolute essence. but remember to parenthetically or signal phrase your summary or else it’s plagiarism.

This chapter goes along with our class considering we are in the middle of finding our sources for our research papers. correctly citing these sources is a big part of our grade also so knowing what is right and wrong is important. and this chapter will be wonderful to reference if we are confused about how to do anything with citation. Thankfully i have experience already with MLA citation so I’m not too worried:)

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