Blog 9: Chapter 6

This chapter is titled Evaluating and Choosing Sources. This chapter goes along with our research paper. It covers basically everything you need to know about sources. Beginning with defining exactly what a source is and where to find them, it then proceeds to creating a working bibliography with many examples of how to do this. A source is defined as everything you read,every text you encounter, and every conversation you have a s a potential source. you can find sources everywhere, and source of information on a topic you are wishing to know more about. There are general sources and specialized academic sources. which are defined as their names. General sources are for nonexperts and basic, specialized academic sources are much more advanced and made by experts for people who are doing extensive research. Primary sources are original artifacts. secondary sources are written about the original artifact.

This chapter goes along with our class because right now we are picking out our sources, this is very helpful in the way that we need to know how and where to find our sources and more importantly- how to classify each one of our sources.

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