Shitty First Drafts: Blog 3.

Drafts are always shitty at first. They get more decent as you go on and by your last time its great. Even the best writers dont always know what they are doing. First draft is f=they child draft, just let everything out on the paper. “There may be something great in those six shitty pages.” The next day go through it with a pen and get rid of everything.

Considering that we are starting project in this class I’m guessing that our professor wants us to know that we will get through the hardest part… the beginning. Choosing the idea (lessoned in the book for chapter one.) and putting pen to paper is where the difficult part lies. Once we get rolling with that, it gets a lot easier. I have a feeling that I will be taking my professors and Ms. Lamotts advise and they this method.

I liked this excerpt because it is real. Lamott explains her writing process first hand. Exactly what she goes through each time she must write a review. This piece gives good direction on how to go about beginning the writing process with a draft and how writers block is real even for the professionals. It instills confidence in young writers about certain pieces that they may not like.


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