Chapter 2: Blog 4.

Narrative Genres: This chapter is all about the Narrative Genres. These stories can be personal. A narrative genre, however is the way we collect these stories. It could be through social media or word of mouth, there is a lot of room to go with. Why tell stories? There is entertainment reasons and for teaching purposes, etc. This chapter goes into how exactly we use emotional techniques like ethos pathos and logos in our narratives. Emotion and connection to your audience is very important. There are many other genres, however, memoirs, graphic memoirs, and photo essays.

This chapter obviously goes along with our class considering we are starting our projects today. (Our project proposal) and we need to know how to begin our piece. “Shitty First Drafts” was a good opener to what we need to do when we start and this chapter introduces us to actually picking a type of paper we will be writing.

I liked this chapter, so far I think the book is a very very good source to use in writing and I look forward to reading more of it. I honestly can’t complain with the readings you have assigned because I think that in the long run, if we take it seriously the book is very valuable.

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