Chapter One: Blog 1.

Genres a powerful tool. Using genre in different ways is a brilliant way to real your readers in. Genre gives a special connection to you and the reader. One of the highlights in this chapter is the importance of targeting your audience and understanding their point of view. Ask yourself: Why am I composing? and, Who am I composing for? Emotion always appeals to readers. (Ethos, pathos and, logos.) There are specific elements that go into genres; style, design, and sources.

In our project coming up, I would say that this chapter prepares us well for picking a genre. It goes into exactly what a genre category is and how in depth it can reach. If during the process of this project we are confused about genre this chapter will be a good source for sure.

Picking a genre, then an artifact to focus on would make the most sense. At least, that’s the approach I will be taking. I think it will be easier to tune into the genre that interests me the most and try to find an artifact that relates to it and me in the best way. I did like this chapter, I feel that it introduced genres well. I can’t truthfully say that I am looking forward to 20 more chapters about genre but maybe it gets even more interesting…

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